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With such an attractive name, this grape was for a long time believed to have originated in Persia, Syria, or perhaps Syracuse. However, recent analyses have shown its roots to be in Savoy and the Ardèche. A low-yielding variety, rare and highly prized, Syrah is grown exclusively on soils suited to its cultivation. A Southern girl, it is spicy in character with delicious hints of violet, well expressed in the Rhone wines its produces, which are both stylish and complex. Encounter…

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In the glass
In the glass of the grapeSyrah de la vallée du Rhône

A grape of repute

Black, peppery, well-structured: Syrah is a grape with a well-established reputation. It produced wines of deep colour that are full of flavour, high in alcohol and stylish, albeit robust in structure. High in tannins and low in acidity, Syrah wines are therefore ideal for aging. The reds are fruity in flavour (red and black berry fruits: raspberry, gooseberry, blueberry, blackberry), with floral notes (violet, mignonette) and hints of spice (truffle, pepper, liquorice, menthol). The grape also produces some nice fruity rosés. As it ages, the characteristic violet nose develops more complex notes, including musk, truffle, leather, pepper and licorice…

La terre

And the soil

Syrah is one of the red-grape varieties most characteristic of the northern part of the Côtes du Rhône wine-growing area. Because of its rarity, it is used only to produce some of the great wines. It is, however, grown all around the world, covering a total area of 140,000 hectares, in such far-flung countries as Argentina, South Africa, the USA (California), Chile, New Zealand and Mexico. In Australia, it goes by the name of Shiraz.

A stroll through our vineyards…

To discover the Syrah vine, take a stroll through our vineyards! It puts forth attractive shoots, which are fragile and downy when young, and tender green leaves. When full-grown, the leaves have five lobes. The grapes are small to medium in size, silky smooth and deep purple in colour.

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