General characteristics

The small-berried Muscat Blanc grape is of Greek origin. It is the only permitted grape variety in the composition of Muscat Beaumes De Venise wines. The young shoots are covered in down. The new leaves are shiny, bronze in colour and cobweb-like. The grape clusters and individual berries are neither big nor small. The flesh of the grape is juicy, sweet and firm. The buds of the Muscat Blanc break early; the grapes ripen in the “second period” of the Pulliat system. It is fairly vigorous and need to be pruned back hard. It does well on stony slopes with poor soils. This variety is often exposed to spring frosts.

Wine-making potential

The small-berried Muscat grape is used for making rosé wines, as well as dry whites. Orange, Demerara, barley sugar and raisin are some of the flavours for which it is famous.

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