General characteristics

A vigorous variety that yields well year by year. It flowers between 8 and 15 June and the grapes come to maturity fairly late, between 25 September and 25 October, depending on the growing area. The Carignan vine requires plenty of warmth and is not sensitive to drought or strong winds. Hot, dry hillsides are ideal.

Wine-making potential

On low-fertility soils and hillsides, it yields a beautifully coloured wine, well-structured with plenty of tannins. During vinification, a maximum of flavour is extracted by carbonic maceration.


Red and rosé Côtes du Rhône wines (30 % maximum of the grapes used in the blend), red and rosé Côtes du Rhône Villages wines (20% maximum), Costières de Nîmes, Grignan les Adhémar, Luberon, Ventoux.

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