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Reaching the peak, in more ways than one!

The village of Séguret backs onto a hillside and has been called “the most beautiful village in France” - but you need a strong pair of legs to get to the top. And when you do, you’ll find narrow lanes, stone cottages, tiny, sunny village squares... a village with all the charm of yesteryear. Séguret in Provençal is the word for “safe”. And a further reason for its popularity is its wine - since 1967, Séguret has en- joyed Côtes du Rhône Villages appellation status with geographic name.

The red wines tend to be less powerful than those of its closest neighbours, Cairanne, Rasteau and Plan de Dieu; their appeal lies more in their elegance and freshness. Séguret adjoins the Ouvèze valley, and the differences in altitude mean differences in ripening times, while the diversity of soil types gives blends with added finesse, complexity and balance. Rosés and whites also have a distinctive freshness, with flavours of tropical fruit and white flowers.




Birth of AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret

Traces of Roman occupation provide the earliest evidence of viticulture in Séguret. Archaeologists found an altar dedicated to Sylvanus, a Roman deity portrayed with a cooper’s mallet. Meanwhile, the first written references to the vineyards date back to 611 and the Foundation Charter for the monastery at Prébayon.

Winegrowing continued to develop in the 10th century, first under the Counts of Toulouse, then the Princes of Orange. In the 13th century, the County became papal territory. Written documentation from this time describes Séguret wines as being in “high demand” - a sure sign of a burgeoning reputation. The first wine-growing guild (Confrérie) to be headed by a woman – the “baylesse” - was founded in Séguret in 1685. The organisation was revived in 1985, with the name Confrérie des Chevaliers du Gouste-Séguret Compagnons de Saint-Vincent.

The vineyards were awarded Appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret status in 1967.



The winegrowing area is contained within the commune of Séguret, at the foot of the Dentelles de Montmirail in Vaucluse.


Mediterranean climate, influenced by the Mistral wind.


A particular geology

The vineyards are located between the main terrace of clay/limestone marl some 140-150 metres above sea level, and the hills surrounding the village, which rise to 250m above sea level. Further slopes and terraces rise, often steeply, to 250-350m above sea level, and lie on stony ground.

Key figures

Key figures of the appellation

89% red
5% rosé
6% white


33 hl/ha

Average annual yield

442 ha

Production surface area

14 657 hl

Total production

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